Cleared of Mines

Work produced in 2006 which tried to address the scourge caused by anti-personnel mines. A weapon much used in wars and which still continues to be used in various parts of the world, causing numerous fatalities or leaving marks on thousand persons all over the globe.

This work is characterized by being a table football, apparently the same game like the ones commonly we found in amusement rooms and cafes, but in a closer look we notice several differences. One of them is that some of the football players have the legs amputated. This deficiency is justified by two nameplates placed so prominently on both sides of the piece, where is written in the text that gives the name to the work: “Área Desminada/Cleared of Mines”.

The piece address us to a territory that was once "a stage of war", but which is now a nice and safe place despite we can also see some of the harm resulting from war in physical impairments presented by the people.